EVA-North Malay Basin Gas Delivery System (ENGDS)

EVA-North Malay Basin Gas Delivery System (ENGDS)

EVA-North Malay Basin Gas Delivery System

  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

The EVA-North Malay Basin Gas Delivery System (ENGDS) Pipeline Installation Campaign was carried out under the Transportation and Installation of Offshore Facilities for Year 2014 – 2016 by GOM Resources Sdn. Bhd.

The ENDGS pipeline was installed from the Beach Valve at Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST) up to Pipeline Tie-In Facilities completing in total of approximately 280.9km long.

HGIS was providing the comprehensive Pre-Lay Survey, Surface and Underwater Positioning Support during Pipelay, Shore Approach Pipeline Installation, and Post-Lay Survey. The Pre-Lay and Post Lay campaign was divided into 2 sections covering approx. 8km at Nearshore and appox. 272km Offshore operations.

Key highlight of the project was having DLB 264 to conduct pipe-lay concurrently while a separate vessel by HGIS performing the Pre-Lay Survey ahead of DLB 264 with on-board processing. This high profile project consist of deployment of assets and resources on land, nearshore and offshore section carrying out simultaneous operations.

OBJECTIVE#1To provide data to Pipelay Barge (DLB 264) via Onboard Processing during Pre-lay Survey.

OBJECTIVE#2High Accuracy DGNSS System (GPS and GLONASS) at decimeter differential accuracy which allow more accurate positioning and navigation of the pipelay barge with minimal break down.

features of this project
  • High Accuracy DGNSS System for Pipelay Operations
  • Onboard Processing & Reporting during Pre-Lay Survey
  • ROV As-Built Survey Support
  • Current Observation for safe deployment of ROV
  • High profile simultaneous operations
  • Analogue Pre-Installation Survey and Post-Installation Survey
  • Support during ROV Sonar Contact and Free Span Survey
  • Real time positioning support during Mattress and Sleepers Installation
  • Trolley Method USBL deployment
  • Subsea OCTAN Gyro support during PLTS Installation

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