Provision of Rig Positioning Equipment and Services for Repsol Malaysia Oil & Gas Limited


project description


On 24th January 2019, HGIS has been awarded with 2+1 Years of contract from Repsol Malaysia Oil and Gas Limited for the Provision of Rig Positioning Equipment and Services. In this project, HGIS features the latest technological systems and adhere to the highest accuracy standards to ensure safe operations and integrity.


OBJECTIVE#1Provision of rig positioning equipment and services including necessary spare parts, tools, consumables and accessories to carry out complete rig positioning services at the worksite.

OBJECTIVE#2Install, test and commission the equipment at the worksite.

OBJECTIVE#3Service, inspect, maintain and repair the equipment on regular basis in order to avoid any interruption to the work.

OBJECTIVE#4Provision of qualified personnel(s) to run, operate, inspect and maintain equipment at the worksite.

OBJECTIVE#5Provision of adequate onshore facilities and personnel in Malaysia, and to provide necessary support and technical assistance to the work.


features of this project
  • High Accuracy DGNSS System (GPS & GLONASS) with Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technique (decimeter differential accuracy)
  • HGIS BMS & TMS XBOX, an in house Plug and Play systems that ensures prompt mobilization
  • Positioning QC System to monitor computations and quality control
  • Integrated Navigation Software for Remote Display and Control for Client
  • Primary Heading Reference and Secondary Heading Reference

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