Provision of Rig Positioning Services for Three (3) Years Contract (Myanmar Asset) for PTTEP International Limited


project description

On 27th April 2018, HGIS has been awarded by PTTEP International Limited for Provision of Rig Positioning Services for Three (3) Years Contract (Myanmar Asset). The project is performed in offshore Myanmar to further explore and appraise and producing hydrocarbon potential. The rig positioning services are required for each rig move and for vessel positioning when Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) has to be conducted. The averaged water depth in the operating area is various from 80m in M9 West to 2,500m in MD-7.

OBJECTIVE#1Provision of Rig Positioning various projects of drilling campaign from exploration, appraisal to development by using semi-submersible rig and/or tender barge and/or drilling ship and/or jack-up rig.

features of this project
  • High Accuracy DGNSS System (GPS & GLONASS) with Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technique (decimeter differential accuracy)
  • HGIS BMS & TMS XBOX, an in house Plug and Play systems that ensures prompt mobilization
  • Positioning QC System to monitor computations and quality control
  • Integrated Navigation Software for Remote Display and Control for Client
  • Primary Heading Reference and Secondary Heading Reference

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